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We make game-changing decisions and drive digital transformation in the chemical industry.

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What we do

We support digital transformation at Brenntag and design and deliver digital sales solutions for our customers and employees to become more efficient and effective.

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We are hiring!

Want to create awesome tools with people from around the globe? Be part of a dedicated team and create digital innovation? Come and join us!

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DigiB Office
  • Work with people from around the globe
  • Get paid to create awesome tools
  • Be part of a dedicated team
  • Create meaningful digital innovation
  • Work in a creative environment

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Where does it happen?

Our headquarters is based in Amsterdam – an ideal location to connect with, learn from and get inspired by other startups.

Our Asia Pacific office is stationed in Singapore – the modern digital innovation hub for corporate offices and startups.

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DigiB Office

Brenntag is headquartered in Essen, Germany. In 2017 Brenntag opened its digital hub DigiB in Amsterdam - the digital capital of Europe - to open a new age in its successful history: The Digital Transformation Age. Visit Brenntag website

Visit us in Singapore:
29 Media Circle, #06-01 ALICE @Mediapolis
138565 Singapore

Visit us in Amsterdam:
Johan Huizingalaan 400 1066 JS